Videos from Abolish PIC Summit April 2018

Organizing and Advocacy with Imprisoned People

Panel Members: Woods Ervin (Transgender, Genderqueer and Intersex Justice Project), Julia Arroyo (Young Women’s Freedom Center), Alisha Coleman (FiredUp), Elisa Baier (Garden Program at SF Jail)

Moderator: Diana Block (California Coalition for Women Prisoners)

Different groups speak on organizing and working with people inside SF jail, including the Fired Up empowerment group and a gardening project in the women’s pod. The breakout group covers the importance of organizing with people inside, strategies to best advocate for and with people in jail or prison, and the relevance of this work in San Francisco, especially as it relates to closing 850 Bryant jail.






Sharing Liberatory Practices in Dismantling the PIC

Panel Members: Jose Bernal (Hospitality House), Liz Kroboth (Do No Harm), Gloria Esteva-Martinez (Causa Justa)

Moderator: Woods Ervin (Transgender, Genderqueer, Intersex Justice Project)

The panel shares its organizing efforts in the push to close the SF jail, including the Transgender, Genderqueer, Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), Causa Justa and health care groups recognizing policing as a public harm. The discussion covers the importance of unifying with other organizations through protection/solidarity and empowering communities through investing in them.


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