#ShutDown850 Report Card for District Attorney Chesa Boudin

Earlier this year, New SF Jail Coalition released its first District Attorney and jail population Report Card. With Chesa Boudin serving as the new District Attorney, the Report Card tracks his progress in his first month in office toward fulfilling his promise to reduce the city’s jail population and closing 850 Bryant St.



The Report Card details how many people the new DA is arraigning on felony charges, and how many of those people are being held pretrial rather than released. The coalition is also tracking changes in the number of people being held at 850 Bryant St., as well as the trends in the overall county jail population. Additionally, Boudin’s office recently announced the end of seeking “cash bail,” and the Report Card will more accurately assess the DA’s promises to scale back the use of pretrial detention.

Read our full press release on the Report Card here.