Social Media Storm on #415Day Makes Waves to #ShutDown850

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A beautiful day in the fight against jails in the Bay Area, on Wednesday (4/15), hundreds of NoNewSFJails supporters made phone calls, emails, posts, status updates, tweets, pictures, texts, videos, reposting & re-sharing as we digitally stormed SF Supervisors to SHUT DOWN 850 NOW!, while uplifting the countless reasons why jails, prisons and cages of any sort do not make our communities safe or healthy. Together our efforts had significant reach across the internet and has already generated much of the public pressure we need to see Fewer’s ordinance through. 

With seven endorsements from the Board of Supervisors currently–Fewer, Haney, Walton, Ronen, Preston, Mar and Peskin— the ordinance to close County Jail 4, introduced by Fewer just on Tuesday, is gaining more momentum to actually shut down the dilapidated death-trap 850 Bryant than any other legislation has in 24 years since being sited for demolition in 1996.

Because of our action yesterday, and our united voice against racism and criminalization, we:


  • Slammed Safai’s office with calls (a staffer said they had already received hundreds of calls before 2pm)
  • Jammed Stefani’s voicemail (reported full by 4pm)
  • Made serious ripples across three major social media platforms calling to #ShutDown850:
      • Trending on Twitter before 2:30pm, with over 70 Twitter users tweeting about the ordinance, sparking over 1119 tweets mentioning #ShutDown850 as of 7pm, and a total reach of over 29,000 users combined
      • Facilitating over 130 public posts on Instagram, receiving over 1,400 public interactions with #ShutDown850 (i.e. likes and comments)
      • Posting over 50 separate mentions of #ShutDown850 on Facebook, which generated over 130 referrals from Facebook to our website that day

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The ordinance now moves on to the Government Audit & Oversight (GAO) Committee, where it was assigned to be discussed by Mar, Peskin and Haney, three supporters of the ordinance.  After GAO committee review and public comment, the ordinance returns to the full Board for a final vote, date to be determined (most likely in May).

We have never been closer to closing County Jail #4, which would be a tremendous victory for abolitionists everywhere, for our families and communities targeted by policing and imprisonment, and for San Francisco and the larger Bay Area as a whole. We must keep up the pressure, and make sure all Supervisors know that without a doubt, we are still here and we are demanding: No More Cages; Shut Down 850 Now!

In the coming weeks, we will be organizing more digital action and events, including ways to continue to lobby the remaining Supervisors who have yet to sign on.

To support, and to continue our momentum, you can:

  1. Send the Endorsing Supervisors Thank You emails (if you or your organization haven’t already)
  2. Subscribe to our website so that our campaign updates are sent directly to you as soon as they are posted
  3. Get involved in the coalition! Lots of ways to plug in to our work, here.