One BOS Meeting Away from Closing 850 Bryant PERMANENTLY!

On Tuesday, May 12th, SF’s Board of Supervisors will cast their final vote on Fewer’s ordinance to permanently close 850 Bryant by November 1st. 

Final Vote 1

This past Tuesday, May 5th, the Board of Supervisors amended the ordinance in adjusting for Sheriff Miyamoto’s concerns, namely for the Sheriff to be able to continue to use the kitchen and laundry at County Jail (CJ) 4 while renovating CJ2 if CJ2’s renovations are not finished before the November 1st closure of 850 Bryant.  


Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 2.34.09 PM

While the amendments are not ideal as the Sheriff will likely continue to exploit prisoner labor from a few prisoners for the kitchen and laundry, the ordinance still requires Miyamoto no longer imprison people in CJ4 by November 1st 2020, which will still result in hundreds of prisoners no longer being caged in the earthquake unsafe and decrepit conditions of 850 Bryant. Additionally, the Sheriff will not be able to use the kitchen & laundry at 850 Bryant if the renovation at CJ2 are finished before then. You can read more about the amendments to the ordinance on our People’s Summary here.

The Board of Supervisors will not hear public comment on the ordinance again, but NoNewSFJails will be sure to update all supporters of the jail fight as soon as the vote is finalized.

We expect a 10-1 result on Tuesday, as we have 8 endorsers for the ordinance already–Fewer, Walton, Haney, Ronen, Preston, Peskin, Mar and Safai. Mandelman has promised co-sponsorship of the ordinance, and Yee has guaranteed a vote of approval, leaving only Stefani in opposition of the ordinance. With 9 endorsements now, the ordinance is already veto-proof.