Ordinance to #ShutDown850 PASSES!

A People’s Victory for Abolition

Since 2013, we’ve asked you to do a lot. And you’ve showed up for us.

For the past seven years, you’ve stood with us against jailing and criminalization. You’ve taken a stand for a better, more sustainable and more healthy San Francisco for all residents and communities.

You’ve shown solidarity with caged & criminalized people throughout San Francisco. You’ve gotten your organizations to sign-on to our letters and to mobilize to City Hall numerous times. You even risked arrest in order to demand our city refuses to build a new jail.

For the past 18 months, you’ve demanded City Hall take action to close 850 permanently, without out-of-county transfers or jail expansion. And you’ve called for the immediate release of people from SF’s jails in order to prevent the spread of COVID19.

You’ve stormed social media, posting status updates, tweets, selfies to #ShutDown850. You’ve submitted public comment and testimony to countless public hearings and committee meetings. You’ve lobbied City Supervisors, tirelessly.

And, it worked.

Together, we are making history. Today, the Board of Supervisors passed Fewer’s ordinance to close 850 Bryant by November 1st, 2020, with a 10 to 1 vote. Right now, SF has a record low number of people locked up inside jail, at around 700, the lowest it’s been since the 1950’s.

Just as you helped us defeat plans for a new jail in 2015, you’ve helped us chip away even further at SF’s oppressive jailing system. Because of you and your bold actions and commitment, we successfully passed this legislation to close a dangerous jail, to ensure that the cages at 850 Bryant are not refilled with people in months to come. If we can prove that no city needs a jail like 850 Bryant — not during the COVID crisis and not ever — then we have shown the world that we do not need cages of any kind for any reason. 

From everyone at the No New SF Jail Coalition, and each community targeted by SF jailing and criminalizationThank You. Thank you for your advocacy, for standing on the right side of history alongside us, for amplifying and empowering people who have been suffocated by oppression, imprisonment, and criminalization.


What Now?:  Can’t Stop Won’t Stop! 

From now until permanent closure of 850 November 1st, the No New SF Jail Coalition will continue to monitor implementation of this legislation and intervene in the City’s process where necessary. Inspired by your solidarity and swift action, we are also beginning to build more momentum and people power for abolition of all of SF’s cages and methods of criminalization, through a series of political education and skill-share events each month.

 Join Us for the launch of our new
“Abolition in Action” Series! 

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Looking forward to continuing to build a movement for a jail-free San Francisco with you ❤