Abolition in Action Series Launch: A People’s Assessment of the #ShutDown850 Ordinance

Last week on Sunday, May 24th, No New SF Jails kicked off our new Abolition in Action Series, a monthly series of community events on different topics related to building a jail-free San Francisco. Over 40 community members joined us for the first Abolition in Action Series event, People’s Assessment of the Shut Down 850 Ordinance.

The presentation covered the details of the legislation, why it mattered, and what’s left before 850 Bryant closes. Small group “breakout” discussions dove into more detail, assessing the ordinance and where we could go from here. Participants asked really great questions and collectively assessed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of the ordinance to close 850 Bryant. 

You can view the presentation of the event in this video here:


…and view the information shared in the presentation here: #Shutdown850_ People’s Assessment of the Ordinance. (1).

We hope to see you at our June Abolition in Action event, a panel presentation on Re-Entry support and services to support folks being released from County jails in SF during the last week of June (exact date to be decided soon). 

Read more about our Abolition in Action Series here.