Join Us Next Week 6/30 for Our Abolitionist Re-Entry Event!

Getting Out & Getting Free:

A Virtual Community Event with a Panel of Grassroots Experts sharing their Experiences Getting Out, as well as Services & Resources for Folks Recently Freed from SF Jails

No New SF Jail’s  second Abolition in Action Series Session

Tuesday, June 30 @ 6 pm

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Información del evento en español aquí / Event Information in Spanish here 


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Our loved ones and community members locked up in SF jails are kept in terrible conditions. For years, prisoners have reported dangerous health conditions long before the COVID crisis, including noxious fumes and poor air quality, rat infestations, severe sewage leaks, flooding and asbestos, as well as physical, sexual and mental abuse from guards.

Knowing the dehumanizing and harmful conditions inside SF jails, and knowing the inequitable  conditions in the City right now especially during the COVID crisis, what support do you think folks need in busting out and coming home?

ReEntry Support is managed and supervised through a top-down model by the city. Most cities’ reentry processes, especially San Francisco’s,  heavily involve the use of policing and surveillance to continue control, restriction and criminalization of people released from jail. This top-down approach also does not honor the experiences, voices, humanity and basic needs of prisoners and former prisoners getting out or coming home.  What would it look like, what would it take to build abolitionist reentry supports and systems?

Folks who have been locked up in jails and prisons, along with their families and communities, must be at the center of San Francisco’s ReEntry conversation. San Francisco communities need to unite in creating community solutions to ending inequity, interpersonal  harm  and state violence that do not rely on policing, surveillance and imprisonment in any way, while prioritizing the needs of folks recently released from cages. 

Next week, come learn from our Grassroots Experts share their first-hand experiences with being locked up and transitioning to life outside a cage, as well as how to provide humanizing, life-affirming services and support for folks in this transition who are most in need.

Our Grassroots Experts include:
  • Jose Bernal, Ella Baker Center & SF ReEntry Council
  • Sheba Rivera, Critical Resistance & No New SF Jail Coalition
  • Melvin, CA Coalition for Women Prisoners & Young Women’s Freedom Center
  • Jesus, aka FriscoLens
  • Julia Arroyo, Young Women’s Freedom Center
  • Bobby Hanley-Jones, Hospitality House and No New SF Jails
  • Eli Berry-St. John, TGI Justice Project
  • Andrea Salinas, No New SF Jails


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Everyone who attends the event will also receive a free, extensive Abolitionist ReEntry Resource Guide to help you navigate SF’s resources and challenges to effective, transformative, community-empowered reentry.


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More quotes and videos from survivors of SF jails & policing on our website here. 



We keep each other safe.
We know what our communities need: 
Care Not Cages, Community Not Cops!  

See You Next Week 🙂