TOMORROW: Funding Our Communities Budget Workshop — Abolition in Action Event #3

Our communities are safe and can thrive when we ALL have housing, healthcare, living wages, quality education, public transit, and the community-based supports and resources we need. These priorities are where San Francisco should be spending its money, NOT on jails, SFPD, nor other policing programs. “Defunding the police” isn’t our end goal – it’s just the beginning.

TOMORROW, July 25th, 1 pm:
Funding Our Communities:
SF’s $11 Billion Budget as a Strategy for Abolition
A Virtual Collective Visioning Workshop

REGISTER NOW (before 7/25) :

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We know what we need best to survive, thrive and take care of one another.  In this moment of calling for racial justice, divestment from the legal punishment system, and re-investment in community, we must uplift the needs of Frisco’s diverse, complex and multifaceted community, along with the memories and names of those who have not survived. In honor of the experience of Kajon Busby and the police executions of Mario Woods, Alex Nieto, Luis Góngora Pat, Jessica Williams, Amilcar Perez-Lopez, Sean Monterrosa and so many more – it’s time to come together to call for a San Francisco budget that prioritizes the needs of our most vulnerable and historically exploited communities – our Black,  Brown, disabled, trans, queer, and undocumented community members – and that will sustain us all. We deserve to live in a city that emphasizes care and humanity. We must fight for that San Francisco every chance we get.

TOMORROW: Come envision, learn and skill-up with us, as we strengthen people power and imagine how to truly re-invest in our communities. Together, we will:

  •  look at SF’s budget and understand budget advocacy as an abolitionist strategy to dismantle oppressive City structures and practices,

  • vision collectively to build life-affirming support and infrastructure,

  • and learn how to apply legislative pressure in budget advocacy via a mini-training on submitting public comment to decision-makers!

Note on Accessibility:

This event will have live Spanish translation, ASL interpretation, and closed captioning. If you have other accessibility needs, please let us know in the registration form OR email us at


See you tomorrow!