Next Week: Abolition in Action #4–On Harm Reduction & Decriminalization!

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How can we care for each other and our communities without relying on prisons, policing and punishment? How can we define and create safety to support our most vulnerable and help each other meet all of our  needs for wellness? How can we strengthen existing harm-reduction and decriminalization work and continue to fight for abolition?

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Folks who do sex work, use drugs, or struggle with addiction are often our communities’ most vulnerable–regularly enduring police violence, the threat or reality of getting locked up, of premature death, and of continuous exploitation. While harm can and often does happen with these activities, these practices are methods of survival, as a source of income or for self-medication and coping. Rather than responding with understanding, care and support, the state upholds and perpetuates stigma, using the violence of policing, criminalization, jailing and punishment in part to respond to harm or potential harm and also to control capital within the sex and drug trades. Instead of punishment, we can respond to harm or its potential and whatever people feel they have to do in order to survive by helping folks minimize risks instead of punishing them for struggling to live. In this way, harm-reduction and decriminalization give us concrete tools and approaches  to take care of our folks who need it most and push for true safety for all of us. 

Care Not Cages: 

Harm Reduction, Decriminalizing Survival & Liberating SF

Thursday, August 27th, 5:30-7:30pm

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Join us for a virtual Community Event on August 27th where we will learn from a panel of grassroots experts on decriminalization, harm-reduction, and abolition and get skilled-up through a training about how to bring some tools home with us. Register for the event here. 

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This is the fourth workshop of No New SF Jail Coalition’s Abolition in Action Series, a monthly series of community events and workshops on different topics related to building a jail-free, police-free, self-determined, equitable, and sustainable San Francisco. We launched the series in May with a People’s Assessment of our #ShutDown850 Ordinance, followed by a webinar on reentry services and supports in San Francisco, and most recently a community visioning workshop on how budget advocacy can be an abolitionist organizing strategy. The Abolition in Action Series is sponsored by member organizations of the No New SF Jail Coalition and LYRIC. If your organization would like to support the Abolition in Action Series, sign your organization up as a sponsor here. For more information on the Abolition in Action Series, visit our website.

Accessibility: This event will have closed-captioning, live translation in Spanish and ASL interpretation provided as needed. Please tell us about your access needs on the registration form so we can best support your participation.

Para información en español, haga clic aquí.