Reject Jails, Support Investment!

Our work continues…In 2015 we defeated a proposed jail in San Francisco. Let’s work towards closing 850 Bryant now and creating the policies and resources we need in community to make that a reality. Stay informed of updates by checking the Campaign Updates.

Why No SF Jail

Many San Francisco residents are facing hard times — particularly in communities of color. Many people in this city are struggling to find meaningful work, affordable housing, access to good education and sustainable healthcare.

It is concerning that at a time when more and more families are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, some decision-makers are prioritizing spending on more jails, more police, more condos and luxury apartments, more Google buses, and more golf courses. We want, deserve, and demand to live in a city that prioritizes the health, well-being, and cultural and political life of all of San Francisco’s residents. Read more…

About the Coalition

We are a coalition of SF Bay Area organizations and community members committed to stopping a new jail from being constructed in SF. More…