Before Release Tips

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Are you or a loved one going to be released from SF jail soon?

Here are some tips before release:

  • Are you an SF resident? You can put in a request to confirm that your MediCal has been REACTIVATED (since it may have been turned off while you’ve been inside). You can do this within 30 days of your scheduled release date.JS_FreeThemAll525


  • Are you working with the Jail Health or Reentry Team? Do they know you’re being released? Have they provided you with a 2 week supply of medications to take with you when you’re released?


  • You may also put in a request to speak with Discharge Planning who is sometimes able to help with supplies or referrals to community resources as you are released.


  • Re closing of CJ4: If you are in CJ4 and concerned about being transferred between CJ2 or CJ5, please talk to your Public Defender and/or Nick Gregoratos with Prisoner Legal Services.


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