Immediate Needs After Release

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Have you or someone you care for recently gotten out of jail in SF, and are you looking for resources & services for your IMMEDIATE NEEDS  in the city?
Check out these resources below!



Need Health Insurance?

  • Human Services Agency office:
  • If you have pending appointments or immediate health needs, you may be able to get temporary coverage through your provider if your insurance was turned off (e.g. San Francisco General Hospital).
  • POLICY NOTE: New developments potentially on their way with Mental Health SF
    • Could potentially help people connect more quickly with support regardless of coverage throughout reentry


Need to refill your prescription? 

  • (Talk with your primary care provider, if you have one.)
  • Treatment Access Program (TAP)/ CBHS Pharmacy:
    • 1380 Howard (@10th)
    • 1-800-750-2727; 415-503-4730
  • Westside Crisis Clinic
    • 245 11th Street
    • Phone: 415-355-0311
    • Hours : 8:00am-2:00pm Monday-Friday; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays are closed

Need to reactivate your income?

  • Reactivating SSI:
    • 90 7th St / 1098 Valencia St  (online services)
    • Before going to into the office, try to have:
      • Proof of incarceration (a document with dates from your lawyer, jail services, or probation officer)
      • An ID  (support through Project Homeless Connect, St. Anthony, Hospitality House – see below)

Need Advocacy around your benefits?

Need with other basic needs met? (Hygiene supplies, vouchers, problem-solving aid, etc. )

  • Homeless Prenatal Project: serves clients with children under 17. Can provide assistance with deposits for rent and food bags.  If children are under 3 years old, HPP can provide formula and diapers.
    • 415-754-0581

Need urgent mental health support?

  • Go to your nearest emergency room or PES at SFGH if you are in crisis
  • If the situation is not an emergency but you think it may become one, please call the Department of Public Health’s 24-Hour Access helpline: 415-255-3737 or 888-246-3333 or TDD 888-484-7200


Westside Community Services: Voluntary, drop-in service open to any adult in need of emergency psychiatric care.  The Clinic is designed to stabilize low-income residents in a mental health crisis and refer that person to an appropriate source for follow-up treatment.

  • Crisis clinic: Drop-In 245 11th Street
  • Mon-Fri (8am-2pm)
  • or call 415-355-0311

Dore Urgent Care: 24hr drop-in clinic that is a safe place staffed by nurses where you can spend the night if the clinic has capacity, and potentially be linked with longer term, voluntary care.

  • Good idea to call ahead if possible, and try to bring any medications you need for the next 2 weeks if hoping to be connected to ongoing, residential treatment.
  • 415-553-3100
  • M-F 24 hrs 52 Dore St


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