Past Actions

Spring 2020: Actions to #ShutDown850




#415Day Digital Day of Action!

We STORMED SF’s SUPERVISORS to VOTE YES to Shut Down 850 Bryant, APRIL 15th 2020

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Check out Highlights from our Digital Day of Action here.

See our Social Media Storm instructions toolkit here.




Read about the “Organizing Against Toxic Imprisonment” Webinar NoNewSFJails representatives presented on here.

Past Actions from 2013-2015

to Stop Construction of a NEW Jail in SF

Our Petition against Jail Construction in SF

SF County Sheriff Mirkarimi wanted to spend anywhere from $290-$465 million to build a new “replacement jail” in San Francisco County. Nearly 1000 people and 50 organizations signed this Open Letter to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, saying “We Can’t Afford a New County Jail!”.

Speak Out Wednesday: Last Stand to Stop the New Jail!


There are key events coming up for our fight in December. Will you join us in demanding that the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors halt their rush moves to push through the proposed jail?

Mark your calendars and join us to speak out against the new jail and for community care — Budget and Finance Committee: December 2 at 10 am (Room 250, City Hall)

Check FB event for latest information and to RSVP.

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10:00 AM — Room 250

  1. Item #1: the Committee will consider approving the Planning Commission’s claim that the jail project would pose a “less than significant” environmental impact. We will be there to continue to demand a full Environmental Impact Report that addresses the environmental concerns that we have raised.
  2. Item #2: the Committee will consider approving the Sheriff to apply to the state for $80 million for jail construction and approving the project as a whole! This bundled proposal, as it is written, will fast-track the jail proposal to be considered by Board of Supervisors. This means that when it appears before the whole Board, we will be restricted from Public Comment (because we had the “opportunity” to comment in this meeting)!

This is absolutely outrageous. We will not stand for this type of deceitful backdoor politics. We will not be silenced and denied the opportunity to testify to the whole Board of Supervisors against the jail! We demand public participation in this process. Join us as we pressure officials to hear us! We need to stop the project now!


“Alternatives to a New SF Jail” Hearing

THURSDAY, JULY 16th, 2015

10:00 AM — Gather at City Hall steps

10:30 AM — Hearing at the Government Audit & Oversight Committee on ALTERNATIVES to the NEW JAIL! (room to be announced)

Last month, anti-police violence activists and the No New SF Jail Coalition testified to the Board of Supervisors about the racial bias in SFPD and against the new jail. New reports have shown that black women make up 50% of arrests and that black people are 56% of those locked up in SF county jails.

The hearing on alternatives to the new jail scheduled for 6/18 was postponed to July 16th. We need people to mobilize to demand no new jail and to fund alternatives to incarceration!


STOP state funding for new SF jail and DEMAND full environmental review

TUESDAY, JULY 21st, 2015

3:00 PM — Board of Supervisors (BOS) Meeting to approve Planning Commission’s Mitigated Negative Declaration to circumvent a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The BOS is rushing to apply for $80 million from the state to build new cages. We can’t allow more money to fund jails!

On 6/25, the No New SF Jail Coalition rallied at the hearing on our appeal against the SF Planning Department’s decision to forgo a full EIR DESPITE many clear social and environmental impacts on housing, transportation, and outdoor space for the SOMA community, which is predominately working-class Filipinos.

Our appeal was rejected and the Planning Department’s decision was upheld. The city is rushing through the Environmental Review process because they are applying for state funding from the BSCC for $80 million. We need to show up and make sure that NO MORE MONEY goes to funding cages in San Francisco!

Statewide mobilization to stop jail expansion

June 26, 2015

On June 26th, sheriffs gathered in Sacramento for the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) Bidder’s Conference to learn how they can access funding from the state for their jail projects. Members of the coalition mobilized there from counties across California to challenge our respective counties’ bids for jail money and disrupt their meeting. Read more about the conference, and why we traveled to Sacramento to disrupt it, here.

rally outside BSCC Bidder's Conference
rally outside BSCC Bidder’s Conference


Environmental Impact Report public hearing

June 25, 2015

As a result of the appeal we submitted for the Preliminary Mitigated Negative Declaration, the San Francisco Planning Commission held a public hearing at City Hall. We testified to pressure officials to require a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed jail.
Our appeal was rejected and the Planning Department’s decision was upheld. The city is rushing through the Environmental Review process because they are applying for state funding from the BSCC for $80 million. We will continue to show up and make sure that NO MORE MONEY goes to funding cages in San Francisco!


“Alternatives to a Jail Rebuild” public hearing & rally!

June 18, 2015

We successfully organized a public hearing on “Alternatives to a Jail Rebuild” at San Francisco City Hall, sponsored by Supervisor Jane Kim and Board President London Breed. Anticipating a postponed hearing, community members powerfully described their opposition to the jail and expressed endless viable alternatives to a rebuild project by taking over the previous agenda item. The passionate testimony directly resulted in Supervisor Eric Mar openly speaking out against the jail rebuild proposal. Supervisor David Campos also flipped his position on the issue.

Our agenda item was rescheduled for July 16th. We will show out again to show the Board of Supervisors that we still don’t want any more money going towards cages instead of our communities!

After the successful takeover of the hearing, we gathered outside City Hall as a strong community in support of alternatives, not a new jail. This was an important day of action where we demonstrated to decision-makers what San Francisco really needs. Read more about what we had planned for our plan for the day of action here.


Preliminary Mitigated Negative Declaration appeal

June 3, 2015

Together with member and allies’ support we got over 200 public comments submitted against the jail’s insufficient environmental report. We entered the public comments as a part of our appeal, demanding that the San Francisco Planning Department conduct a full Environmental Impact Report, which would allow public comments to be heard more fully and alternatives — including a no-build option — to be assessed.

click the image for the full appeal
click the image for the full appeal