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Want to tweet in support of closing 850 Bryant and County Jail 4?

Choose a sample tweet to repost and tag a supervisor!

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“Thank You” Tweets for Supervisors who have signed on:

  • @[supervisor] ‪Thank you for signing on as a cosponsor for @SandraLeeFewer’s legislation to #ShutDown850! Closing 850 Bryant is a crucial 1st step to divesting from carceral policies that punish the poor, houseless, immigrants, & people of color. @[Supervisor Yee or Mandelman] Will you protect our city’s most vulnerable communities? @ShutDown850 #NoNewSFJail‬
  • ‪@SandraLeeFewer @MattHaneySF @HillaryRonen @shamannwalton @DeanPreston @D4GordonMar @AaronPeskin Thank you for your leadership in supporting legislation to finally #ShutDown850! @[Supervisor Yee or Mandelman] We need all the support we can get- can we count you in?‬ @ShutDown850

Supervisor Tags for Thank You’s: @SandraLeeFewer @MattHaneySF @HillaryRonen @shamannwalton @DeanPreston @D4GordonMar @AaronPeskin

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Tweets for MANDELMAN and YEE (You can also include Safai, Stefani or Mayor Breed) :

  • @[supervisor], please support @SandraLeeFewer’s legislation to #ShutDown850 as soon as possible— it is earthquake unsafe, known to be unsanitary, and is hazardous for every single person forced to be there. We must shut down now! @ShutDown850 #NoNewSFJail

  • ‪@[supervisor] While the current admin. exit from the Hall of Justice (including CJ4) is July 2021, we can’t wait that long to close the jail given the conditions there, made more urgent by COVID-19. We must #ShutDown850; pls support @SandraLeeFewer’s legislation! @ShutDown850
  • @[supervisor] ‪With the jail population currently below 800, the City is already 200+ people below the targeted decrease number required by this legislation. This means we can #ShutDown850 TODAY! Please support @SandraLeeFewer’s legislation! @ShutDown850 #NoNewSFJail ‬
  • @[supervisor] ‪Everyone agrees we need to #ShutDown850. We need this ordinance to ensure that shutting it down doesn’t mean sending people to the extremely unsafe Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County. Please support @SandraLeeFewer’s legislation! @ShutDown850 #NoNewSFJail

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Tags for Supervisors:

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