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Have you or someone you care for recently gotten out of jail in SF? Are you looking for HOUSING or SHELTER- related resources & services in the city?
Check out these resources below!

Need immediate shelter?

COVID NOTE #1: People who are unhoused and concerned about potential exposure to COVID-19 or who have been in contact with people who have been exposed to COVID-19, should contact a healthcare provider. 

  • If they do not have a health care provider, they should contact Tom Waddell Urgent Care at 415-713-1963 and speak to a healthcare provider. 
  • Additionally, they may contact SFGH Urgent Care at 628-206-8000.


COVID NOTE #2: Note that housing resources have been greatly affected by COVID-19 and things are changing every day. It is always good to try to call ahead before seeking help in person.

  • If you have been prioritized for housing through Coordinated Entry, contact your housing navigator. They may be able to assist you in connecting to immediate shelter or resources.

Project Homeless Connect guide: Track changes in shelter status due to COVID-19

City shelter system

  • For one-night reservations, visit or contact one of the following Reservation or Resource Centers, or call 311 for assistance in finding emergency shelter as soon as possible. MORE INFO HERE


    • Glide: 330 Ellis Street; 415-674-6000
    • MSC South: 525 5th Street; 415-597-7960
  • For 90-day reservations, call 311 (or 415-701-2311) if you are calling from an area outside of SF) to join the shelter waitlist OR for assistance with joining the 311 Waitlist, visit one of the above Reservation or Resource Centers.

Need immediate shelter due to domestic violence?

  • Rosalie House: For all domestic violence survivors.
    • 415-255-0165 24hr support line;
    • 415-757-6490 (Spanish)
    • Call M–F 9am-5pm for shelter.
      • Stay up to 12 weeks. 


  • Asian Women’s Shelter: Priority to women & transgendered survivors of human trafficking or domestic violence, with limited resources, and their kids.
    • Call 24 hrs 415-751-0880 or toll-free 877-751-0880 for screening
    • Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
    • or Human Trafficking Hotline.
    • If eligible, stay up to 3 mos.


  • La Casa de las Madres: Shelter for women and children
    • 1269 Howard (bet. 8 and 9th St).
    • 24-hr toll-free crisis lines: 877-503-1850; teen crisis 877-923-0700; text line 415-200-3575.
    • Victims and survivors of domestic violence call for confidentially-located shelter with counseling, house meetings, 3 meals daily, & chores; stay 1 night to 8 weeks.
    • Support groups & counseling for non-residents. 


Are you 18 – 24 yrs old and in need of shelter?

  • Larkin St. Youth Service:
    • 134 Golden Gate Avenue;
    • Monday – Friday; 10:00AM – 3:00PM;
    • 1-415-673-0911 (ext. 352)
  • 3rd St Youth Center:
    • 1728 Bancroft Avenue;
    • Wednesday 1:00PM – 5:00PM
    • 1-510-936-1324
  • Huckleberry Youth Program Crisis Shelter: offers continuous 24-hour crisis intervention and resolution services and emergency shelter to high-need youth. Prioritizing youth who are homeless or in active unsafe situations.
    • 415-621-2929

Are you looking for transitional housing as you fight your case or while you’re on probation? 

  • Transitional housing resources (for people who are at least 18 years old) for folks with an open case or on probation can often be accessed through the Community Assessment and Services Center (CASC) at 564 6th St. Please note that accessing these services requires coordination with your probation officer and accessibility may depend on your status with probation. 
  • Some additional options listed in the Getting Out and Staying Out guide

Do you want to be on the city’s waitlist for PERMANENT, supportive housing (and/or access Navigation Centers)? 

  • Coordinated Entry:
    • 2111 Jennings St. (at Van Dyke); 123 10th St. (at Mission)
    • 415-487-3300 Ext 7000  
    • Come here if you want to be ASSESSED FOR PERMANENT HOUSING, and linked with a Navigation Center in the meantime. Make sure to keep in contact with your assigned Housing Navigator following your assessment.
      • Notes, Updates & Pro-Tips:
        • The City “prioritizes” people who have been unhoused for years with documented health and mental health needs
          • A heads-up: you will be asked some very personal questions about your housing history, as well as your health and mental health. These questions can be very hard, but do you best to answer honestly if you are hoping to be prioritized. 
        • The waitlist for housing is long AND IT IS CRUCIAL TO BE ON IT.
      • **COVID UPDATE: As of 6/29/20, you can be screened by Coordinated Entry over the phone (415-487-3300 x7000), but the office is still closed for in-person walk-ins.
        • Also, If you have been prioritized through this process but are still unhoused, talk with your Housing Navigator. You may be given funds to access a hotel room.
        • If you are over 60 or immune-compromised, you should also be sure to connect with your Housing Navigator.
      • Pro tip: Normally, you can also request assessment in-custody. However, this service may be impacted by COVID-19.
  • Rising Up: This is the Coordinated Entry system for Transitional Age Youth (“TAY” – folks who are 18-24 years old). Sites include: 
    • Larkin Street Engagement and Community Center:
      • 134 Golden Gate Ave;
      • Mon- Fri 9am-2:00pm
    • 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic:
      • 1728 Bancroft Ave;
      • Monday – Friday 1:00-5pm
    • Huckleberry Center: By appointment
      • 555 Cole St. 
      • 415-386-9398
    • Homeless Youth Alliance: Roving locations, please see below for details.
      • Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 6:00pm by appointment;
        • Please call: (415) 318-6384 
      • Tuesdays: 3:00pm – 5:00pm;
        • The Hive – 1572 Haight Street
      • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5:30pm – 7:30pm;
        • The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, 558 Clayton Street
    • The SF LGBT Center:
      • 1800 Market St.
      • 415-865-5555
      • Drop in hours: Tuesdays 5-7pm
    • LYRIC:
      • 127 Collingwood St.
      • Wednesday and Thursdays 10:00-5:00pm
      • Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays by appointment
  • Family Coordinated Entry: There are also specific sites for Coordinate Entry for families, which may be especially helpful for adults and TAY with children who are fleeing domestic violence. 


  • You can additionally add yourself to the online waitlist for below-market-rate housing through the DAHLIA list.


Are you looking for eviction defense or rental assistance support?

Justice Shelter: Check out this comprehensive list of agencies throughout the state



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