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As part of the process to build the jail the building must go through an environmental review process. The planners of this jail decided that there was not enough evidence to point to any notable environmental concerns that would require a full Environmental Impact Report. Instead, they have released a Mitigated Negative Declaration, which you can read here. We believe that there are many environmental impacts to building this jail — not to mention human impacts. We have until June 5, 2015 to gather community comments responding to the Mitigated Negative Declaration, and voicing concerns about the environmental impacts of building this jail at 855 Bryant in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood.

We ask that you write your comments in the form on this page. If you would like you can use the provided template and personalize it for yourself. Every comment counts. Let’s stop this jail.

Here are some potential environmental concerns:

  • Displacement: The project could displace the individuals and families living in the 14 Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) units of the historic building at 480-484 Sixth Street.
  • Gentrification: By increasing office space and decreasing affordable housing, this will encourage further the ongoing gentrification in the city. Spaces currently used by well-established businesses in the community will disappear. Older businesses struggle to find affordable rental space in SoMA in this market; we will lose them forever.
  • More Cages: The “mezzanine level” mentioned in the report is not shown in the construction plans, and we believe that this is a way to build more jail capacity than the projected 640 beds.
  • Pollution: The jail plan includes having “outdoor” yards right next to a freeway; in the proposed design, the yards face the freeway. The design of the semi-enclosed yards may actually concentrate freeway pollution, which can be extremely dangerous.
  • Transportation: The planners have no plan to address loss of parking spots in the community, no plans to support or subsidize alternative transportation for construction workers or residents impacted, no plans to reduce traffic or construction worker/resident congestion, and will instead waste a ton of money on surveys and hiring unnecessary city workers to monitor the disaster with no real plans for alleviating the stress and burden this will place on San Francisco.

The form below will send your comment directly to Christopher Espiritu of the San Francisco Planning Department.

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