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In 2015 we defeated a proposed jail in San Francisco. Now, let’s close 850 Bryant and create the policies and resources our SF communities need to truly thrive.

Join us: Fight AGAINST Criminalization & FOR Strong, Healthy Communities!

Ways to get involved include:

  • Call, email and/or meet with your district’s Supervisor to support legislation to close 850 Bryant permanently. Join & spread our Social Media Storm on 4-15-20
  • Sign your organization up on our contact list to be informed on updates & to support upcoming actions (such as our #ShutDown850 Sign-on Letter & our more recent sign-on letter to Protect Prisoners against COVID-19). Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 12.20.36 PM
  • Host a townhall or community event for your organization or the surrounding neighborhood & urge your Supervisors to close 850 Bryant
  • Print out or forward our #ShutDown850 factsheets and flyers & distribute them to your organization, restaurant, business, housing collective or community groups.
  • Request a presentation on the harms of SF’s jail expansion & 850 Bryant for your community or organization
  • Write an OpEd or Letter to the Editor
  • Join us for Jail Outreach to support prisoners and families on Saturdays
  • Share your or your loved one’s story of how being imprisoned at 850 Bryant or any of SF’s jails impacted you & your community with the coalition
  • Become a member of the NoNewSFJails Coalition!

Sign up to be contacted for events & mobilizations

or to get involved with our work to SHUT DOWN 850:

Contact us directly if you have questions!

No New SF Jail Coalition Celebrates December 15th Victory on the Steps of City Hall

Current & Upcoming Actions & Events


This Month! July 2020

JULY 8th: 12:30 pm

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 9.26.58 AM

The SF Police Department Budget hearing is scheduled for July 8th at 12:30pm pst.

Call in and make your voice clear: Community Not Cops! Defund SFPD NOW!

You can find instructions for calling in and sample phone scripts here: bit.ly/nosfpdcash

  • Note that while these meetings can take hours, your public comment will only take 2 minutes. You will need to call in and may be on hold for a while, so plan on having the phone on in the background as you wait for your turn to comment. Meeting agenda found here.


JULY 9th: 2pm

SF Board of Supervisors’ Rules Committee meeting is on July 9th at 2PM.

Support the charter amendment to remove the minimum staffing requirement and defund & disband the SFPD! In 1994—a time when our country’s politicians labeled Black and Brown children “Super-Predators”— the voters of San Francisco passed a charter amendment to set a minimum police staffing level of 1,971 officers.

The upcoming SF Board of Supervisors’ Rules Committee meeting is our first opportunity to support the charter amendment to remove the minimum staffing requirement, and get it on the ballot in November. Making your voice heard via public comment will only take a few minutes.

RSVP to this event for more information and find the link to suggested talking points here!


SAVE THE DATE: People’s Budget for Abolition

July 25th, 2020

Registration  & More Info coming soon!

For more info on our Abolition in Action Series, visit our website page here. 



Past Actions

Our coalition members and allies have carried out powerful actions to demonstrate our commitment to strong communities, not more jails.

Check out some of the important work the coalition has done HERE.

2015 VICTORY Defeating the City’s Proposal for a New Jail in SF: