Thank You Emails to Supervisors Endorsing Fewer’s Ordinance

Write a quick Thank You to Supervisors who have endorsed Fewer’s ordinance to #ShutDown850!


Sample Email:

Suggested Subject: Thank you for Shutting Down 850!

Dear Supervisor _________,

Thank you for taking a stand against racism and criminalization this week and supporting the ordinance to close 850 Bryant. Closing 850 Bryant and stopping out-of-county transfers to Santa Rita are essential steps in divesting from carceral policies that overwhelming target and punish the Bay Area’s most vulnerable residents–the poor, the houseless, LGBTQI people, immigrants, and people of color. As you know, it is beyond time we shutter the jail at 850 Bryant for good and redirect all of these funds toward the community programs and services our communities need most to live and to live well.

Thank you for speaking up,  for representing San Francisco and communities so strongly and endorsing this vital ordinance.



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