What is “Abolition”?

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No New SF Jail Coalition is an abolitionist coalition, meaning we believe that:

  • Imprisonment, policing, surveillance & punishment of any kind cause harm, exacerbate oppression, and should not be used


  • Violence, conflict & harm are results from social, economic & political problems that need to be dealt with through solutions that address the root cause of these issues Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 12.43.39 PM


  • People & communities need their basic needs met and to be treated with dignity in order for us to end violence and harm


  • Community Accountability (restorative & transformative justice practices) should fully support both the person who has done harm and the person harmed, to be supported by the community in getting their needs met and discussing/deciding on boundaries and agreements for the harm to not happen again. This process must not replicate punishment