Care Not Cages! #ShutDown850

Join us in this campaign to ensure that the City closes this seismically dangerous and racist anti-Black jail, stops the attacks on houseless people and people with mental health needs, and invests in housing and other life sustaining resources.

Take a stand against racism & criminalization!

Join us in calling for the permanent closure of County Jail #4 at 850 Bryant St, without increased policing, new jails, out-of-county transfers or electronic surveillance monitoring.  Together we can build a jail-free San Francisco! 

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BREAKING: 850 Bryant to Close by Nov. 1st!

Today, the Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 to PASS Fewer’s ordinance to permanently close County Jail 4 at 850 Bryant by November 1st, 2020.

This is a historic victory for the People, especially for communities targeted by jailing and criminalization in SF and throughout the Bay Area. This City decision is the result of YEARS of effective and committed grassroots organizing.

The No New SF Jail has been organizing against imprisonment for the last 7 years. In 2015, we successfully stopped a new jail to replace 850 Bryant St. Today, we've shut down the jail at 850 Bryant St. for good. (3)

THANK YOU for your ongoing support, for your advocacy, for standing on the right side of history alongside us, for amplifying and empowering people who have been suffocated by oppression, imprisonment, and criminalization. 

From now until permanent closure of 850 November 1st, the No New SF Jail Coalition will continue to monitor implementation of this legislation and intervene in the City’s process where necessary. Inspired by your solidarity and swift action, we are also beginning to build more momentum and people power for abolition of all of SF’s cages and methods of criminalization, through a series of political education and skill-share events each month. Join Us for the launch of our new “Abolition in Action” Series! 

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